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My 8 Best Local SEO Tips for the 2020 Holidays

 Image credit: DoSchu “No place like home for the holidays.” This will be the refrain for the majority of your customers as we reach 2020’s peak shopping season. I can’t think of another year in which it’s been more important for local businesses to plan and implement a seasonal […]

Overcoming Blockers: How to Build Your Red Tape Toolkit — Best of Whiteboard Friday

Have you ever made SEO recommendations that just don’t go anywhere? Maybe you run into a lack of budget, or you can’t get buy-in from your boss or colleagues. Maybe your work just keeps getting de-prioritized in favor of other initiatives. Whatever the case, it’s important to set yourself up […]

Pantone lanza Period, un tono rojo para romper los estigmas sobre la menstruación

Estamos en el siglo XXI, pero el periodo todavía es algo que se considera vergonzoso, misterioso y un tabú del que no se debe hablar públicamente. Es por eso que la marca sueca de productos dedicados a la salud íntima y menstrual INTIMINA ha lanzado la campaña Seen + Heard. […]

58 ilustradores colaboran para crear la campaña de reapertura del Vagina Museum en Londres

En 2019 se inauguró en Candem (Londres) el Vagina Museum, el primer museo del mundo dedicado a la vagina. Un proyecto que surgió cuando sus fundadores descubrieron que existía un «museo del pene» en Islandia (el Icelandic Phallological Museum) y que tiene como objetivo crear conciencia acabar con los estigmas, […]

How to Detect and Improve Underperforming Content: A Guide to Optimization

Content, content, and more content! That’s what SEO is all about nowadays, right? Compared to when I started working in SEO (2014), today, content is consistently one of the most popular topics covered at digital marketing conferences, there are way more tools that focus on content analysis and optimization, and […]