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McDonald’s reproduce diferentes amaneceres con ilustraciones de sus productos de desayuno

Hace tiempo que McDonald’s viene apostando por el minimalismo y la gráfica geométrica para su publicidad impresa y de exterior. Y es que los productos de la compañía de comida rápida son tan reconocibles que basta con unos pocos elementos y colores para que los identifiquemos fácilmente. La agencia FP7/McCann […]

B2B Marketing News: C-Suite B2B Content Consumption Study, Twitter’s Scheduled Tweets, Instagram’s Double Stories, & YouTube’s New Chapters

Twitter now lets you schedule tweets from its web app Marketers looking for alternatives to how they schedule tweets now have the option to do so directly within Twitter itself. Twitter’s rollout of what had been solely a test feature that began in November also includes the ability to save […]

5 Ways To Inspire Your Marketing With Gratitude

How does gratitude help us become better marketers and in our professional and personal lives? The world B2B marketers face today is rife with a variety of new and unexpected challenges, and meeting these often daunting twists and turns head-on with a mega-dose of gratitude creates not only better marketing, […]

Cards Against Corona: una baraja de cartas ilustrada por 55 artistas contra el coronavirus

Casper Nielsen y Daniel Bech son dos diseñadores daneses que, tras haber perdido algunos clientes a causa de la crisis generada por la COVID-19, decidieron invertir la cuarentena en crear algún proyecto que ayudara a combatir la pandemia y, a la vez, diera voz a diferentes creativos de diferentes partes […]

All The Jobs I Had Before Becoming a Freelance Social Media Manager

Talking about all the jobs I had before becoming a freelance social media manager and how they helped prepare me to become a full-time freelancer. Sponsored by about.US. Learn more and get your own .us website address here: https://bit.ly/3gxETRk FREE social media manager starter kit: http://bit.ly/smmstarterkit JOIN the private membership […]