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How A Best Answer Content Strategy Drives B2B Marketing Results

For many B2B marketers content is a numbers game, especially as the number of channels for discovery and engagement grow right long with competition for attention. We all know how the information overload story ends: buyers disconnect, they start to ignore marketing content and they lose trust in the brands […]

Transcript of Getting the Most Out of Your Content

Back to Podcast This transcript is sponsored by our transcript partner – Rev – Get $10 off your first order John Jantsch: Producing content’s become a marketer’s primary job. But how do you maximize your reach? How do you make sure that there’s some ROI every time you hit publish? […]

Getting the Most Out of Your Content

Marketing Podcast with Pamela WilsonPodcast Transcript Today on the podcast, I chat with Pamela Wilson, founder of BIG Brand System. Through her company, Wilson teaches small business owners how to plan for and grow a business through its four distinct stages. On today’s episode, we discuss her book, Master Content […]

Disney prepara un remake de El Jorobado de Notre Dame

Disney encontró la clave para revivir sus clásicos: el lanzamiento de remakes con actores reales. Así sucedió con La Bella y la Bestia, Dumbo y próximamente Aladdin, El Rey León (aunque en este último caso podríamos decir que predomina la animación digital) y Mulan. Pero la lista no termina acá […]