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Facebook añade una nueva pestaña para juegos

Facebook anunció que está introduciendo una pestaña dedicada a “Juegos de Facebook” para ayudar a los jugadores a encontrar el contenido que buscan en la plataforma, de forma más simple. Aunque muchos consideran que Facebook ya se encuentra fuera de moda, la compañía continua trabajando sobre la red social realizando […]

Crean la primera voz sin género para asistentes virtuales

A pesar de que estamos en 2019, la mayoría de asistentes de voz como Siri, Alexa o Google Assistant tienen identidades femeninas. Con el objetivo de cambiar esta realidad, la agencia Virtue (propiedad de Vice) se ha unido al Orgullo de Copenhague, Equal AI, Koalition Interactive y Thirtysoundsgood para crear […]

Digital Marketing News: Influencer & Data-Driven Marketing Stats, B2B Social Usage, & Twitter’s New Video Analytics

Marketers less concerned about data tech, IAB annual report findsDigital marketers and publishers increased data-related spending in 2018, and 78 percent plan to spend more next year, one of several findings in the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s newly-released annual report. MarTech Today [embedded content] Podcast Growth Is Popping in the U.S., […]

Where Do Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn Stand With B2B Video?

Modern B2B marketers understand that the key to an effective digital content strategy is meeting customers where they’re at, and giving them what they want. With this in mind, the appeal of social media videos only makes sense. We know that billions of people are on social networks, and we […]

5 Key Trends in B2B Influencer Marketing Plus Critical Do’s and Dont’s

Overall Influencer Marketing attracted a lot of attention in 2018 for some good and not so good reasons. Luckily, most of those unfavorable reasons were in the B2C space. Within the B2B marketing world, influencer marketing has made many advancements and more organizations are evolving their testing, use and sophistication […]