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The Secrets to Impactful Speaking

Marketing Podcast with Allison ShapiraPodcast Transcript On today’s episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I speak with founder and CEO of Global Public Speaking, Allison Shapira. As a former opera singer, Shapira brings a unique perspective to public speaking. She helps business owners harness their voice as an instrument […]

5 Unique Ways to Engage With Your Fans on Social Media

Social media provides you with a unique opportunity to engage with your fans and followers. For most businesses, the amount of face-to-face time you get with your customers in limited, and for some companies that operate entirely online, they never meet their customers in real life. Engaging with prospects and […]

How I Gain 1,260 Instagram Followers Per Week

Do you want to be instafamous? Well, who doesn’t? Over the last few months, I’ve been running numerous Instagram experiments and I’ve finally figured out how to grow my Instagram following. My Neil Patel account has been growing by 1,260 followers per week. And I know what you are thinking… […]

Huawei sostiene que es una “victima de bullying de los Estados Unidos”

En el contexto de la batalla entre Estados Unidos y China, Huawei ha pasado a formar parte de la lista negra comercial elaborada por el Departamento de Comercio de Estados Unidos al ser considerada “de riesgo” para la seguridad nacional. La compañía china es uno de los principales proveedores de […]

Sprint venderá Boost Mobile si se aprueba su fusión con T-Mobile

Sprint ha prometido vender Boost Mobile, una de sus marcas inalámbricas prepagas, si se aprueba su fusión con T-Mobile. Tanto Sprint como T-Mobile operan varias subsidiarias de prepago, y la Comisión Federal de Comunicaciones estaba preocupada de que ponerlas a todas bajo un mismo techo podría sofocar la competencia. Esta […]