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La inteligente estrategia de Burger King para lanzar su nueva hamburguesa vegetariana durante el April Fools’ Day

Como cada 1 de abril, ayer se celebró en multitud de países el April Fools’ Day (algo así como nuestro Día de los Inocentes), una fecha dedicada especialmente a las bromas. En los últimos años, multitud de marcas utilizan esta jornada para “trolear” a sus seguidores a través de noticias […]

Hey Alexa: How Do I Bake Voice Search Into My B2B Marketing Strategy?

Can you imagine if we actually talked to one another the same way we’ve historically talked to search engines? It would make for some awkward interactions. “Minneapolis movie showtimes.” “Um… come again?” “Showtimes Captain Marvel 55441.” “Are you –” “Movie showtimes cheapest theater arcade games. I’m feeling lucky.” “Sir, this […]

Topical SEO: 7 Advanced Concepts of Link Relevance & Google Rankings

Links matter for SEO. A lot. Most marketers understand that links to websites count as “votes” on the web. Google — and other search engines — use these votes to rank web pages in search results. The more votes a page accumulates, the better that page’s chances of ranking in […]