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When Sparks Fly: The TopRank Marketing Team’s Firework Marketing Moments

Marketers are a passionate breed. Whether we’re crafting content, unearthing optimization opportunities, or digging into performance metrics to understand where we went right or wrong, we’re wide-eyed and determined. Our work is a labor of love, and we’re often driven by special moments that spark awe, imagination, and a sense […]

Growing Your Business with Chat Bots

Podcast How to Win Your Clients in Bulk Marketing Podcast with Jeanna Pool Podcast Transcript Today’s guest on the podcast is marketing expert, speaker, and author Jeanna Pool. She owns her own marketing firm, Marketing for Solos, and has worked with clients such as Apple, Motorola, Sun Microsystems, and Benjamin […]

How to Make a Technical SEO Recommendation – Whiteboard Friday

After you’ve put in the work with technical SEO and made your discoveries, there’s one thing left to do: present your findings to the client and agree on next steps. And like many things in our industry, that’s easier said than done. In this week’s episode of Whiteboard Friday, Benjamin […]

El Walkman cumple 40 años y Sony lo celebra repasando su historia en este vídeo

El primer Walkman vio la luz el 1 de julio de 1979 y se presentó al mundo como “una nueva forma de disfrutar de la música en alta calidad en cualquier lugar en cualquier momento”. Este aparato ha marcado a varias generaciones y, a pesar de que lo hayamos sustituido […]