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The B2B Marketing Funnel is Dead: Say Hello to the Trust Funnel

The marketing funnel as we know it is gone. Or at least it needs to be, if we as marketers want to move toward a truly customer-centric operation.  In this new installment of our Trust Factors series, we’ll review the conventional models for customer acquisition and explain why they’re going […]

How to Improve Customer Retention Through Paid Search

A lot of marketers and business owners think of advertising as a tool to attract the attention of new customers. But the great thing about paid search is that it’s also a powerful way to improve customer retention. Once you go through all the trouble of winning over new business, […]

How to Track and Improve Your Rankings Without Spending Money

Can you guess how most people improve their rankings? Well, they either hire an SEO firm, which is expensive, or they do it themselves, which is time-consuming. There must be a better solution, right? One that still gets results, doesn’t take as much time and doesn’t cost any money. Well, […]

Honor anuncia sus primeros smartphones con cámara selfie pop-up

La marca secundaria de Huawei, Honor, anunció su primera línea de smartphones con cámaras selfie pop-up y sensores de huellas dactilares. Hablamos del Honor 9X y el 9X Max, preparados para arribar al mercado a fines de este mes. En cuanto a prestaciones técnicas, ambos modelos integran el nuevo chipset […]

Esta campaña retoca las portadas de discos famosos para mostrar las consecuencias de la contaminación

“La música solo tiene un escenario. No acabes con él”. Así de contundente es el mensaje de esta campaña gráfica que la agencia Candy Shop (Curitiba, Brasil) ha realizado para la emisora de radio Mundo Livre FM. En cada una de las piezas, se recrea la portada de un disco […]