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How to Create a YouTube Channel and Rank Your Videos

Video is an increasingly important marketing tactic. Consumers today have shorter attention spans and are often consuming content on the go. They don’t always have the time to sit and read through a thousand word blog post; they’d much rather catch a four minute video on the topic while they’re […]

How I Ranked For 636,363 Keywords Using This Simple Hack

When I started doing SEO on NeilPatel.com I used this advanced formula to rank for 477,000 keywords. Over time, my traffic started to flatline and I wasn’t ranking for many more keywords, even though I was continually creating more content. But then I figured out a simple hack that took […]

Google Review Stars Drop by 14%

On Monday, September 16, Google announced that they would be restricting review stars in SERPs to specific schemas and would stop displaying reviews that they deemed to be “self-serving.” It wasn’t clear at the time when this change would be happening, or if it had already happened. Across our daily […]

Un grupo de creativos ha creado el mayor archivo de carteles de protesta contra el cambio climático

Desde el movimiento creativo Glug se han propuesto crear el archivo de carteles de protesta contra el cambio climático más grande del mundo. Bajo el lema #ProtestByDesign, Glug convocó a un grupo de creativos para que realizaran sus propios diseños y los mandaran a este gran archivo digital para que […]