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Trust Begins Within: The Vital Importance of Building Internal Trust in Marketing

Let’s cut to the chase: If brands and marketers can’t build trust internally at their organizations, they’ll never be able to develop it outwardly in an authentic way. Plain and simple. When marketers broadcast trustworthiness as a virtue through content and messaging, while their company visibly deals with discord and […]

Facebook planea eliminar el reconocimiento facial por completo

Facebook ya ha dejado de utilizar el reconocimiento facial de forma predeterminada, pero ahora podría permitir que los usuarios eviten el reconocimiento facial por completo. Sus investigadores han desarrollado un sistema de IA que puede “desidentificar” a las personas en tiempo real, incluidos vídeos en vivo. El enfoque combina un […]

The Featured Snippets Cheat Sheet and Interactive Q&A

Earlier this week, I hosted a webinar all about featured snippets covering essential background info, brand-new research we’ve done, the results of all the tests I’ve performed, and key takeaways. Things didn’t quite go as planned, though. We had technical difficulties that interfered with our ability to broadcast live, and lots […]