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Transcript of Staying True to Your Core While Growing Your Business

Back to Podcast John Jantsch: When you work for a big brand, run your own small business, do freelance work, doesn’t matter, getting traffic to your website is always an issue. That’s why I love tools like Ahrefs. It’s an all in one SEO tool set that’ll help you solve […]

The One Thing Every Marketer Should Do

Marketers tend to be very reactive. And it makes sense because every time a search engine or a social network changes their algorithm we jump as marketers. We are conditioned to be very reactive. Whether it’s your boss who is pissed that your traffic dips or even yourself… everyone hates […]

Simple Spam Fighting: The Easiest Local Rankings You’ll Ever Earn

Image credit: Visit Lakeland Reporting fake and duplicate listings to Google sounds hard. Sometimes it can be. But very often, it’s as easy as falling off a log, takes only a modest session of spam fighting and can yield significant local ranking improvements. If your local business/the local brands your […]

Un póster ilustrado para acabar con la publicidad sexista

Hace tiempo os hablé de “Piensa sexi”, una iniciativa de 3 creativas que lanzaron un guía en formato ebook para combatir la publicidad sexista. Pues bien, de eso han pasado ya casi dos años y desde entonces no han dejado de luchar para conseguir su objetivo a través de sus […]

E.T. vuelve a la Tierra a reencontrarse con su amigo en este anuncio navideño

Hace 37 años que “E.T., el extraterrestre” aterrizaba en las pantallas de nuestros cines. Ahora, casi cuatro décadas después, la compañía de telecomunicaciones Xfinity lo trae de vuelta en este tierno, divertido y nostálgico anuncio navideño. De este modo, el spot continúa la historia de amistad entre E.T. y Elliot […]