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Así serán las medallas de Tokyo 2020 fabricadas con teléfonos reciclados

El Comité Olímpico ha dado a conocer el diseño de las medallas de los próximos Juegos Olímpicos de Japón 2020. Y la principal novedad es que estarán hechas de metales reciclados, mostrando así el compromiso de sostenibilidad y respeto del medio ambiente que tiene este evento mundial. Así, los organizadores […]

Digital Marketing News: Influencer Marketing Grows, Personalization In B2B, Facebook’s Shrinking Ad Size, LinkedIn’s Record Engagement & More

B2B Buyers Demand Personalization Above All Else, Study FindsB2B buyers place the highest value on personalization, according to a newly-released report based on a survey of some 1,000 B2B leaders, which also showed that 30 percent make more than half of their purchases using digital platforms, up significantly from 15 […]

What Can Marketers Learn From the Children In Our Lives? Plenty

In my experience, most marketers fancy themselves as lifelong learners, taking pride in innovating their work and skill set to maximize their impact. We keep tabs on emerging trends, tactics, and tools. We follow industry leaders for their insight. We consult our internal teams and external partners for advice.  But […]

To Niche, or Not to Niche in Your Business?

Marketing Podcast with John Jantsch on To Niche, or Not to Niche in Your Business? There’s a big movement today of people selling advice, programs, and courses about how to build your business that all sound like this: “Find a niche, run Facebook ads to this niche. Then become specialized, […]

Honest Startup Advice From Somebody Who’s Been Through It

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