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Phil, la botella rellenable de diseño que te ayuda a encontrar fuentes de agua en tu ciudad

Estamos a mitad de verano y, en algunos sitios, parece que la ola de calor todavía no se ha ido. Y es que ya no sabemos qué hacer para sobrevivir, a parte de ir siempre con agua encima (no todos disfrutamos de aire acondicionado o piscina 24/7, ¿vale?). Por eso […]

Digital Marketing News: Facebook’s Newest Ads, Bravery in Marketing, YouTube’s Masthead Ads, Influencers on LinkedIn & More

Less is more when it comes to online advertising, research suggestsBrand recall may decrease when ad exposure rises too much, according to newly-released research. Four or more digital ad exposures brought brand awareness rates down by 3 percent, while two and three online ad exposures increased brand awareness by 6 […]

B2B Marketing Spotlight: Alexandra Gobbi, CMO at Secureworks #B2BSMX

Sales and Marketing alignment is a wonderful and yet elusive thing. Many B2B marketers and sales professionals in particular are in search of leadership, strategy, best practices and networks of peers they can connect with as they adapt to an ever changing marketing world. Lucky for those working in B2B […]

Transcript of Overcoming Objections in Sales

Back to Podcast John Jantsch:  Today’s episode is brought to you by Break Through The Noise, the new book by Tim Staples, Co-Founder and CEO of Shareability. In his book Tim reveals his secret sauce for how to capture the attention of millions of people online, without spending millions of […]