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Transcript of Why Reviews Matter to Your Business

Back to Podcast John Jantsch:  Today’s episode is brought to you by Break Through The Noise, the new book by Tim Staples, Co-Founder and CEO of Shareability. In his book Tim reveals his secret sauce for how to capture the attention of millions of people online, without spending millions of […]

Why Reviews Matter to Your Business

Marketing Podcast with Aaron WeichePodcast Transcript My guest on today’s episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast is Aaron Weiche, CEO of GatherUp. GatherUp is a platform that helps businesses capture customer feedback, testimonials and reviews. Prior to joining GatherUp, Weiche worked for 20 years in digital marketing, most recently […]

How to Put Together An Effective Remarketing Strategy

Remarketing is an incredible marketing tool. Before the days of the internet, if someone came into your store, browsed, even picked up and really considered a product, but then left without purchasing, there was no way to guarantee you’d ever see them again. However, remarketing allows you to reach out […]

Apple se une a Google, Microsoft y Twitter en un proyecto de transferencia de datos

Apple se ha asociado con Facebook, Google, Microsoft y Twitter en un proyecto para construir una plataforma capaz de permitirles a las personas transferir datos dentro y fuera de los servicios en línea, de forma más fácil. Se denomina Proyecto de transferencia de datos, o DTP, una trabajo colaborativo que […]