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Google presenta “Works With Chromebook” para certificar productos compatibles con Chromebook

Si alguna vez compraste un cable, un cargador o cualquier otro accesorio que terminó siendo incompatible con el dispositivo para el que estaba destinado, es probable que comencemos a valorar “Works With” de Google. El gigante tecnológico ha presentado el logotipo de “Works With Chromebook”, capaz de brindarnos una forma […]

Getting Smarter with SERPs – Whiteboard Friday

Modern SERPs require modern understanding. National SERPs are a myth — these days, everything is local. And when we’re basing important decisions on SERPs and ranking, using the highest quality data is key. Russ Jones explores the problem with SERPs, data quality, and existing solutions in this edition of Whiteboard Friday. Click on […]

How to Query the Google Search Console API

If you’ve been an SEO for even a short time, you’re likely familiar with Google Search Console (GSC). It’s a valuable tool for getting information about your website and its performance in organic search. That said, it does have its limitations. In this article, you’ll learn how to get better-connected […]