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Un tierno anuncio para concienciar sobre las víctimas de quemaduras severas

Cada año, 400.000 personas sufren quemaduras en Francia y 10.000 de ellas son consideradas médicamente severas. Estas 10.000 personas, una vez se han curado, tienen que volver a hacer su vida, enfrentándose a preguntas incómodas y pensamientos preconcebidos de la gente que les rodea. Para que algo tan superficial como […]

5 Smart B2C Marketing Tactics To Boost Your B2B Brand

B2B marketing is swiftly embracing techniques that were once only for B2C, and we’ve got five smart B2C tactics to add to your B2B plans for 2020 and well beyond. Influencer marketing, engaging interactive content, awards events, chatbots, and podcasting are just some of the ways that today’s savvy B2B […]

Break Free B2B Series: Janine Wegner on Building Brand Thought Leadership With the Help of Influencers

Influencer marketing is in a state of flux. In the past 10 days alone, I’ve seen suggestions that paid influencers are out, and that “influencer marketing — in the traditional sense — is in the midst of an irreversible fail from grace.” Neither of these arguments is off the mark, […]

The Shaun Tabatt Show – The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur

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