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Esta pastelería convierte los comentarios de trolls en tartas y los envía a su casa

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn 1compartidos Ante los trolls de Internet, uno puede hacer dos cosas: o contestarles y entrar en una discusión que puede que no tenga fin o bloquearles directamente. Ahora, esta pastelería de Nueva York nos trae una tercera vía y es enviarles su comentario de m**** en […]

The 7 Steps to Keyword Research

The 7 Steps to Keyword Research written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing Both SEO and content creation strategies cannot be implemented successfully without keyword research. Creating content that is ranking and speaks to the intent and needs of your ideal audience requires an understanding of which […]

Welcome to SEO Unlocked: Your Free SEO Training Course

I learned SEO by starting my own website and just testing a lot of different tactics out. Some of these tactics worked well and others didn’t. But the way I’ve learned SEO isn’t right for everyone. Some people prefer learning by practicing like me. Others prefer learning by reading dozens […]