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Learn Every CSS Selector In 20 Minutes

šŸšØ IMPORTANT: FREE CSS Selector Cheat Sheet: https://webdevsimplified.com/specificity-cheat-sheet.html The hardest part of learning CSS is not knowing what is available to use. There are so many selectors and properties to remember and it is impossible to keep them all in your head. Luckily for you, in this video I am […]

React App – Breaking Bad API

In this project we will use React and the breaking bad api to create a small app to show and filter the character info Code: https://github.com/bradtraversy/breaking-bad-cast Docs: https://breakingbadapi.com/documentation šŸ’– Become a Patron: Show support & get perks! http://www.patreon.com/traversymedia Website & Udemy Course Links: https://www.traversymedia.com Follow Traversy Media: Tweets by traversymedia […]

A World Within Our World: Hang SĘ”n ĐoĆ²ng | Weird Places

Go to http://Brilliant.org/SciShow to try out Brilliantā€™s Daily Challenges. The first 200 subscribers get 20% off an annual Premium subscription. Hang SĘ”n ĐoĆ²ng in Phong Nha-Kįŗ» BĆ ng National Park is the largest known cave in the world, big enough to have its own jungles, weather, and… pearls? Hosted by: Olivia […]

4 Ways to Date an Archaeological Site

From wasps nests to nuclear reactors. Here are just a few clever ways archeologists figure out how old something is. Hosted by: Olivia Gordon SciShow has a spinoff podcast! It’s called SciShow Tangents. Check it out at http://www.scishowtangents.org ———- Support SciShow by becoming a patron on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/scishow ———- Huge […]