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How to Measure Changing Marketing Goals During a Crisis

In recent months, I’ve been listening to Paramore’s song “Hard Times” a lot. Their 2017 hit talks about struggling to overcome challenging circumstances above ’80s-inspired new wave pop. It’s a bop, as the kids say, and confronts hardship — truthful and emphatic with a spoonful of sugar. via GIPHY During […]

Day 4,777: Remote Work Tips From 13+ Years As A Distance Marketer

Today is day 4,777. Not days quarantined, but days working remotely. On Monday, March 23, 2007 I started working remotely, and 4,777 days later I still do. A staple aspect of my daily work life that had been the exception for most marketers is now — at least temporarily — […]

Este restaurante tailandés usa pandas de peluche para mantener la distancia social

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn 3compartidos Son muchos los restaurantes que están empezando a abrir alrededor del mundo, pero la amenaza del COVID-19 hace necesario que se respete la distancia social en el interior de estos locales. Para evitar la sensación de soledad que puede dar este distanciamiento, un restaurante de […]