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Digital Marketing News: B2B Content Lifecycle Study, LinkedIn’s New Featured Section, B2B Millennial Report, & Facebook Adds Story Discovery Feature

Millennial buyers want better content from B2B marketers Better B2B content is a top concern among Millennial buyers, as the demographic accounts for some 33 percent of overall B2B buyers, a portion Forrester’s newly-released report expects to grow to 44 percent by 2025. Digital Commerce 360 LinkedIn Launches New ‘Featured’ […]

Optimizing ABM with Influencer Marketing at #B2BMX

Account based marketing (ABM) is the hybrid sales/marketing/revenue discipline that is shaking up the status quo for marketers and sales pros alike. There are as many definitions of ABM as there are accounts to target, but I’m partial to this one from LinkedIn’s Megan Golden:  “ABM is a strategy that […]

The B2B Marketer’s Journey To Experiential Content at #B2BMX

What makes an experience an… ? Full disclosure: I am not on the design team at TopRank Marketing. But you know what I mean. You’ve eaten dinner at dozens, if not hundreds of restaurants in your lifetime. But there are likely one or two that stick out in your memory. […]

Mutua Tinerfeña lleva el espíritu del Carnaval a Instagram a través de dos filtros personalizados

Aunque hay sectores como el del seguro que son muy tradicionales, en esta ocasión Mutua Tinerfeña se ha permitido innovar apostando por el humor y el entretenimiento en estas importantes fiestas de Carnaval. Y es que aprovechando el auge de los filtros de Instagram, la marca ha diseñado dos filtros […]

Este estudio chino ha diseñado 4 pósters vintage con indicaciones para prevenir el coronavirus

El estudio de diseño JWDK (Shangái) ha lanzado una serie de pósters con indicaciones para prevenir el coronavirus inspirándose en los carteles de salud pública chinos de la década de los años 50. Y el resultado la verdad es que mola bastante. Bajo el lema “Mantenerse limpio, mantenerse fuerte”, el […]