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Los murales geométricos de Tanya Heidrich

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn 0compartidos Tanya Heidrich es una ilustradora suiza residente en Valencia que está especializada en la creación de murales y patrones. Hace un par de días me topé con su trabajo y no podía dejar de compartirlo por aquí con vosotros porque creo que mola mucho. Sus […]

Esta campaña ilustra la cantidad de plástico que comemos cada semana sin que nos demos cuenta

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn 5compartidos ¿Sabías que una persona come de media la cantidad equivalente a una tarjeta de crédito en plásticos cada semana? Sí, sí, has leído bien: ca-da se-ma-na. Esto ocurre sin que nos demos cuenta a través de microplásticos que entran en la cadena alimenticia a través […]

Ubersuggest Chrome Extension 2.0: The Ultimate Keyword Research Tool

Please note: Once you install the extension, all you have to do is go to Google and perform a search. That is where you’ll see data. I promised that I would release a new version of the Ubersuggest Chrome Extension today, and now it’s out. You can go here to […]

B2B Marketing News: Podcast Downloads Climb, Social & Display Ad Spend Rising, Snapchat’s Brand Profiles, & Google’s Latest Ad Tools

‘The downloads are back’: Podcasting finishes the first half of 2020 strong Podcast downloads have come back to pre-pandemic numbers, increasing from 625 million in March to 825 million over the past two months, while podcast advertising is still expected to increase by 15 percent for the year, according to […]

Bootstrap 5 Will Change The Web – What’s New

Bootstrap recently announced that version 5 is finally in alpha which means you can start writing Bootstrap 5 code immediately. This alpha also brings about a ton of great changes for Bootstrap which I cover in depth in this video. 📚 Materials/References: Bootstrap 5 Announcement: https://blog.getbootstrap.com/2020/06/16/bootstrap-5-alpha/ Bootstrap 5 Starter: https://github.com/twbs/bootstrap-npm-starter […]