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IKEA lanza una versión de su catálogo con personajes de «Animal Crossing» en Taiwan

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn 1compartidos «Animal Crossing» se está convirtiendo en una plataforma publicitaria muy interesante para algunas marcas. Justo el otro día compartí por aquí el caso de Gillette y su propuesta para hacer este videojuego más inclusivo con diferentes tonos y tipos de piel. Pues bien, hoy toca […]

I Tortured Myself With The Worst Programming Fonts

🚨 IMPORTANT: Get Started With HarperDB Now: https://harperdb.io/harperdb-cloud-get-started-today/?code=WEBDEVSIMPLIFIED Just like the video title says I decided to force myself to use a bunch of non-monospace fonts for coding. As you can guess it was incredibly painful and my eyes are still trying to recover from this madness. It was a […]

How To Implement Linked Lists With Test Driven Development In JavaScript

Linked lists are one of the most popular data structures interviewers ask about in technical interviews. You will probably never have to implement one in a real day to day job, but knowing how to write a linked list and understanding how they work is crucial to passing a technical […]