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Cómo mantener, también en verano, las rutinas de sueño de los niños

Con la llegada del calor, las vacaciones y la emoción que supone para los más pequeños las actividades que solemos realizar en esta época del año, el momento de irse a dormir puede ser complicado. Lo tarde que anochece tampoco ayuda y si bien en verano suele haber más flexibilidad […]

How Gary Vaynerchuk Got to Where He Is Today

When people hear the name Gary Vaynerchuk, they tend to think "motivational speaker" or "social media influencer" when in reality that is only a small fraction of what he has been doing the past 44 years. Gary is predominantly a businessman, who has an exceptional eye for emerging trends and […]

Work Week in My Life as a Freelancer | I Need Glasses, Simple Email List Builder + Client Boundaries

Welcome to a week in my freelance social media management business! Bad news: failed a driving test and I need glasses. Good news: sharing some tips to eliminate meetings and set client boundaries, plus a simple email list building tip. FREE social media manager starter kit: http://bit.ly/smmstarterkit JOIN the private […]