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Don’t Let F.O.M.O. Get To Your Head #Shorts

#Shorts Can we please debate FOMO … I get so many messages on people being sad about missing out on shit, even during Covid, where most people aren’t traveling or at festivals, I’m getting constant messages 1-212-932-5731 and DM’s of people being sad that they aren’t at this or their […]

The Hardest Lessons I’ve Learned About Entrepreneurship

Being a freelancer is amazing, but it’s not all fun and games. These are the hardest lessons I’ve learned about entrepreneurship, from my thoughts on work life balance to cultivating a community that supports you. JOIN the Freelance Friday Club for monthly masterclasses, group support, and more: http://freelancefriday.club/ ✖ WORK […]

Work Week in My Freelance Life: What BURNOUT Looks Like

Another Wednesday, another week in my business! Sharing a work week in my freelance life where I experience burnout, beta test a new coaching program, and participate in Giving Tuesday! Get 20% off my courses with code BIZMAS at http://courses.latashajames.com/ SHOUTOUT TO THE COMMENTER OF THE WEEK: BiblioBria https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvG71iigFiwxTqXv8YIVyaA LINKS […]

50 Ways to Get Freelance Clients

Here are 50 ways to find freelance clients including content marketing, market research, cold pitches, and more! Join the Freelance Friday Club here: http://freelancefriday.club/ FREE social media manager starter kit: http://bit.ly/smmstarterkit JOIN the Freelance Friday Club for one-on-one support, group chats, and monthly masterclasses: http://freelancefriday.club/ ✖ WORK WITH ME » […]