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Practical Things I Like: Caraa Non-Medical Masks

These cheerful šŸ˜Š masks by Caraa are the most comfy masks Iā€™ve found. These masks by Caraa (a New York travel bag company) are THE BEST masks Iā€™ve tried since March, and Iā€™m not just saying that because the colors are conducive to matching with eyeshadow and eyeliner, hahaha! I […]

What Is Version Control? | Git Version Control | Version Control In Software Engineering|Simplilearn

This video on Version Control will help you learn the basics of a Version Control System. To have a better understanding of the system, we will go through a use case. To understand the industrial applicability, we will look at some of the Version Control System benefits. Towards the end, […]

Azure Training | Azure Tutorial For Beginners | Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Training | Simplilearn

In this Azure Training video, we’ll be covering some of the major concepts of Agile. We’ll start off by talking about what exactly cloud computing is, what Microsoft Azure is and the services that are offered. We’ll also be looking at a practical example by hosting a website with Azure. […]

Classes And Objects In Python | Python OOP Tutorial | Python Tutorial For Beginners | Simplilearn

Python is an Object Oriented Programming language that allows you to create different classes and objects. This Python Classes and Objects tutorial will help you understand a class in Python and how to use Python classes. You will get an idea about an object in Python, how to declare and […]

How Kylie Jenner Built Her Empire – Module 2 – Lesson 3 – Instagram Unlocked

Today I’m going over the last lesson in Instagram Unlocked, where I teach you how to go from zero to a hundred thousand followers. And today we’re going to be breaking down case studies and what you can learn from some of these successful people on Instagram. So you not […]