Asylum Seekers an Why Maslow Books
La Caravana de Inmigrantes Asylum Seekers
La Caravana de Inmigrantes Asylum Seekers

Hi, I’m a real human, my name is Juan Rodulfo.

As an immigrant, these years have been difficult to me and my Family at both sides of the Hemisphere, my Wife and Children in the US and our Parents and Relatives back in the Middle of the worst Humanitarian Crisis Venezuela ever faced since Colonization. That’s the reason why I published these Books I’m introducing you: Asylum Seekers and Why Maslow.

Asylum Seekers

I am Asylum Seeker myself, after have helped more than 100 Venezuelan Families to prepare their Asylum Applications, witnessing the increasing catastrophe of Humans around the World fleeing from their countries trying to save their lives to end into Detention Centers or even Cages, I considered to publish: ASYLUM SEEKERS.
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Why Maslow