AWS Training For Beginners | AWS Tutorial For Beginners | AWS Certification Training | Simplilearn

This AWS training video for beginners is designed for beginners who want to start cloud computing career. This AWS tutorial will help you understand what is AWS, benefits of AWS, what are the different products and services offered by AWS and a demo on how to crete a Jenkins build […]

Backpropagation In Neural Networks | Backpropagation Algorithm Explained For Beginners | Simplilearn

This video on Backpropagation in Neural Networks will cover how backpropagation and gradient descent play a role in training neural networks. You will learn this using an example of how to recognize the handwritten digits using a neural network. After predicting the results, you will see how to train the […]

Git And GitHub Full Course In 3 Hours | Git And GitHub Tutorial For Beginners | Simplilearn

This video on Git and GitHub full course will help you learn about one of the most popular version control systems, i.e., You will understand the basics of Git, followed by installing Git on Windows. You will learn about GitHub and look at the difference between Git and GitHub. You […]

How to Optimize For Google’s 200 Ranking Factors (And Watch Your Rankings Skyrocket)

There’s over 200 factors in Google’s algorithm. So how do you ensure that your site is buttoned up when you don’t have the time, and even have the energy to learn all the 200 factors? Today I’m going to teach you how to optimize your on-page SEO. RESOURCES & LINKS: […]