Cómo definir el TARGET en Marketing en 5 pasos clave

El target es una idea tan antigua como el propio marketing. Para conseguir los mejores resultados, vamos a ver qué es exactamente el target y cómo podemos definirlo en 5 claves. MÁS https://bit.ly/cybTarget Descarga la plantilla de Buyer Persona gratis http://bit.ly/cybBuyerPlantilla VÍDEO: ¿Qué es un Buyer Persona? https://bit.ly/cybBuyer Haznos follow […]

Why You Need Systems in Place to Scale Your Business

How Long Would Your Business Survive Without You? Probably Not Long. That’s Why You Need Systems in Place to Scale Your Business. Can’t Do It Alone? Get Your Exclusive Dragon 100 Checklist With Proven Systems Here: https://systemstoscale.danlok.link In his last video, Dan Lok explained how to build a business that […]

How To Start A Podcast | Podcasting For Beginners | Podcast Setup

Subscribe for 100+ digital marketing tutorials: http://bit.ly/2M1DxSJ Check the description for navigation and some cool bonuses! Welcome to iNinja Digital Marketing Courses! Here you will find tons of valuable knowledge that relate to digital marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, video marketing, email marketing, lead generation, make money online in […]