Content Expansion: From Prompt to Paragraph to Published Page – Whiteboard Friday

We’ve all been there. You’re the SEO on point for a project, and you’re also the one tasked with getting great content written well and quickly. And if you don’t have an expert at your disposal, great content can seem out of reach. It doesn’t have to be. In today’s […]

We Need to Talk About Google’s “People Also Ask”: A Finance Case Study

For a while now, I’ve been disappointed with the People Also Ask (PAAs) feature in Google’s search results. My disappointment is not due to the vast amount of space they take up on the SERPs (that’s another post entirely), but more that the quality is never where I expect it […]


Read more: According to a report by NASA’s Earth Observatory, the Tropospheric Monitoring Instrument onboard the European Space Agency’s Sentinel-5 satellite and the Ozone Monitoring Instrument on NASA’s Aura satellite reveal a startling reduction in nitrogen dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere over parts of China since February 10, a […]

Hazte con la nueva WACOM ONE Creative Pen Display con un 10% de descuento

[Contenido ofrecido por Wacom] Si te dedicas al diseño o la ilustración seguro que el nombre de Wacom te suena familiar. Y es que esta marca lleva más de 35 años fabricando tabletas gráficas e innovando para hacernos la vida más fácil a la hora de diseñar o ilustrar. Su […]