New B2B Marketing Research, LinkedIn Sales Navigator & Ad Transparency Updates, Using AI Wisely, & US Digital Ads Top $100B

Digital Ads Are Raking In More Cash Than EverA new Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) report shows that 2018 was the first year U.S. digital advertising earnings topped the $100 billion mark, hitting $107.5 billion, up from 2017’s $88.3 billion, led primarily by the strength of mobile and video. Users also […]

Maintaining Your Focus: What B2B Marketers Can Learn From My Home Improvement Snafu

The sweet smell of fresh cedar is wafting in the breeze around my homestead this week—along with hint of marketing inspiration. Let me explain … Best-Laid Plans To take advantage of a long holiday weekend and a string of dry-weather days, my darling husband and I embarked on a “small” […]

Logitech presenta su nuevo lápiz VR Ink Pilot Edition

Si de realidad virtual hablamos, numerosos son los proyectos que distintas compañías han materializado o todavía tienen entre manos para potenciar esta tecnología. Pensemos en las potentes gafas Oculus VR, en Vive Pro, el nuevo headset de VR de HTC o la compra de Lytro, empresa especializada en VR, por […]