Google conmemora el nacimiento de Internet con un Doodle

El Google Doodle de hoy celebra el trigésimo aniversario de la creación de la World Wide Web, el 11 de marzo de 1989, por Tim Berners-Lee, un científico británico. Actualmente empleamos las palabras “Internet” y “Web” como sinónimos, pero en realidad se refieren a cosas distintas. Internet es la red […]

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite próximamente en Play Store

Un nuevo juego móvil de Harry Potter se aproxima, aunque de momento no sabemos con exactitud cuando será lanzado. Nos referimos a Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, un título centrado en Las Fuerzas especiales del Estatuto del Secreto, un grupo encargado de contener rastros de magia que puedan ser notados por […]

A Darker Shade of Gray

Google’s original breakthrough in search was placing weight on links & using them to approximate the behavior of web users. The abstract ofThe PageRank Citation Ranking: Bringing Order to the Web reads The importance of a Web page is an inherently subjective matter, which depends on the readers interests, knowledge […]

5 Reasons Legacy Brands Struggle With SEO (and What to Do About Them)

Given the increasing importance of brand in SEO, it seems a cruel irony that many household name-brands seem to struggle with managing the channel. Yet, in my time at Distilled, I’ve seen just that: numerous name-brand sites in various states of stagnation and even more frustrated SEO managers attempting to […]

How Google Dishes Out Content by Search Intent

This post was originally published on the STAT blog. In the STAT whitepaper, Using search intent to connect with consumers, we looked at how SERP features change with a searcher’s intent — informational, commercial, transactional, or local. It was so chock-full of research that it sparked oodles of other content […]